Best Browser Hijacker Removal Tool for Chrome

Is chrome acting funny? Are you being redirected for no apparent reason? You might be compromised by a browser hijacker.

Enhance your online security and regain control over your browsing experience. Let’s dive in!

What is a browser hijacker?

A browser hijacker is a form of malicious software or extension that alters your web browser settings without your consent. Its primary objective is to manipulate your browsing experience for various purposes, such as promoting specific websites, collecting user data, or generating revenue through
deceptive practices. 

These hijackers typically enter your system disguised as legitimate tools
or software.

What do browser hijackers do?

When a browser hijacker infiltrates your system, it can carry out several disruptive activities, including:

  • Modifying your default homepage, search engine, and new tab settings.
  • Injecting unwanted advertisements and pop-ups into your browsing sessions, similar to spyware.
  • Redirecting your search queries to unfamiliar or potentially dangerous websites.
  • Tracking your online behavior and collecting personal information for
    targeted marketing.
  • Slowing down your browser’s performance by consuming system resources.

What are the effects of browser hijackers?

Browser hijackers can have several negative effects on your
browsing experience.

  • Exposure to potentially malicious websites that may contain malware or
    phishing attempts.
  • Compromised privacy and data security due to unauthorized data collection
    and tracking.
  • Reduced browsing speed and performance as hijackers consume
    system resources.
  • Frustration caused by constant redirects, intrusive ads, and unwanted
    browser modifications.

Browser Hijacker Removal Tools for Chrome


SUPERAntiSpyware™  effectively detects and removes browser hijackers, restoring your browser’s default settings and protecting you from potential privacy and security risks.

It doesn’t stop there though! SUPERAntiSpyware™ analyzes your system and compares it against a threat database of over 1 Billion to keep you browsing hijacker-free.

  • Malware Detection and Removal: SUPERAntiSpyware™ employs advanced scanning algorithms to identify and eliminate malware that may pose a threat to your browser. By regularly scanning your system, it helps detect any malicious software or browser hijackers that could compromise your browser’s security and your online safety.
  • Real-Time Protection: SUPERAntiSpyware™ helps prevent the installation of malicious browser extensions, blocks suspicious websites, and alerts you if any potential threats are detected.
  • Secure Internet Browsing: SUPERAntiSpyware™ enhances your browser’s security by blocking access to malicious websites known for distributing malware or engaging in phishing activities. 
  • Automatic Updates: The software regularly updates its malware definition database to stay up to date with the latest threats. This ensures that SUPERAntiSpyware™ is equipped to detect and remove the most recent forms of malware, including those targeting browsers specifically.

Chrome Cleanup Tool (official tool from Google)

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is an official tool developed by Google to help users remove unwanted software or extensions that may be causing issues or hijacking their browsing experience on Google Chrome.

It is designed to scan the Chrome browser and detect potentially harmful or unwanted software that could be affecting performance or hijacking settings.

If the tool detects any issues, it notifies you with a list of potential threats found on your system. You can review these notifications and choose whether to remove or disable the identified software or extensions.

How to prevent browser hijacking

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to browser hijacking. Consider implementing the following practices to safeguard your
browsing activities:

  • Install a reputable antivirus and keep it up to date to detect and block
    potential threats.
  • Be cautious when downloading and installing software, ensuring you obtain it from trusted sources.
  • Regularly update your web browser and its extensions to benefit from security patches and bug fixes.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or pop-up advertisements that may lead to malicious websites.
  • Carefully review permissions requested by extensions or software during installation, denying unnecessary access.
  • Educate yourself on common phishing techniques and practice safe
    browsing habits.
  • Enable browser security features like pop-up blockers and safe browsing modes.


Browser hijackers can disrupt your online experience, compromise your privacy, and expose you to potential threats. If you need to monitor, prevent, and remove browser hijackers, sign up for a risk free trial.