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Reseller Information

Do you own a computer repair shop, build custom systems, or provide IT support? Do you have a retail outlet and are interested in purchasing SUPERAntiSpyware Professional at wholesale prices for resale? SUPERAntiSpyware resellers are given generous discounts to companies and websites reselling our award winning SUPERAntiSpyware products. There is no contractual commitment to sign-up, no inventory requirements, nor any fee associated with becoming a reseller.

Click here to sign-up to be a SUPERAntiSpyware reseller

Resellers and Distribution Partners

As a Reseller or Distribution Partner, you may purchase SUPERAntiSpyware Professional licenses at wholesale prices for resale to your clients and customers. Many of our resellers are traditional retail outlets who price the software between wholesale and retail prices (up to, but not exceeding, full retail price) for resale to their customers. Even more of our resellers are computer repair facilities or professionals who custom build client systems. You may purchase SUPERAntiSpyware Professional licenses at wholesale prices for inclusion on systems you diagnose, repair, or build for your clients.

Additionally, single-site multi-user licenses can be purchased at wholesale prices for resellers working with large clients. Special pricing may be available for resellers wishing to make volume purchases for a single client or multiple clients. SUPERAntiSpyware also offers special pricing and promotions for resellers’ non-profit and educational clients.

We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on all SUPERAntiSpyware products; any refunds for purchases will be credited to your account.

Who can sign-up?

We review each application individually and respond with approval status within a 72-hour time period. If you are interested in signing up, please click the link below and complete the simple application.

What our resellers are saying about SUPERAntiSpyware

“Your professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency are as top notch as the product. I appreciate everything very, very much. Not very often in the IT world do you encounter companies such as SUPERAntiSpyware that deliver BOTH superior products AND the BEST support. Keep up the great work!”

“In rigorous testing here at our shop, we have found that SUPERAntiSpyware has exceeded the capabilities of virtually all other spyware removers, and believe me, we have tested quite a few of them. SUPERAntiSpyware works wonderfully with AVG Antivirus 8.0 with no conflicts noted. Absolutely a great product. We recommend it to all of our clients.”

“Your program is absolutely fantastic and the answer to my dreams! That's why I have no hesitation in promoting it, considering so many other so-called anti-spy/virus programs which simply do not deliver!”

“I install your software on numerous PC's each week. I believe it is the best on the market. Thanks!”

“I especially like how SAS doesn't treat my small business like a small business at all. In fact, from the looks of their diligence to ensure my satisfaction in all aspects of their services, one would think that I was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company making them millions.”

“Everything is all set, I am setting up a retail display rack as we speak. I also like the promo gifts you sent. Customers will be super happy, they’re getting a really good package. We will be doing work together for awhile.”

Sign-up to be a SUPERAntiSpyware Reseller

Click the link below and you will be directed to a secure online form to complete your application. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at reseller@superantispyware.com 

Click here to sign-up to be a SUPERAntiSpyware reseller

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