Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registration code?

You will receive a registration code when you purchase a license for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional. This registration code is sent to you in your e-mail invoice, and it is also displayed to you during checkout when your order is complete.

Note that you do not need a registration code to use SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition, nor do you need a registration code to evaluate the Professional Trial.

You will only need to register and activate your software if you have purchased a license for it.

A registration code consists of thirteen letters and digits with dashes, or ten digits with dashes. For example:

AB1C-D2EF-3GHJK or 123-456-1234 are sample registration codes.

To register, open the SUPERAntiSpyware software on your computer. From the Home screen select Help & Information, and then enter the code in the box located under "Professional Registration Code". Once the code is entered, click the "OK" button.

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