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How does Real Time Protection work to protect me?

SUPERAntiSpyware's Real-Time protection scans each file before it runs on your computer to ensure it is not, and does not contain spyware. If the file is detected as an infection it is prevented from running. The Real-Time Protection will also scan key points of your registry to ensure spyware has not "hooked" itself into your browser or operating system.

SUPERAntiSpyware also includes our unique First Chance Prevention technology that examines common and not so common startup locations with your registry for spyware that is set to run when you restart your computer. The First Chance system scans these items when your computer shuts down or logs off to prevent spyware that replaces itself on shutdown, as well as when your system starts to remove the spyware before it has a chance to run.

To enable Real-Time Protection:

  • Open SUPERAntiSpyware and click on "Real-Time Protection"
  • Check the "Enable real-time protection" option
  • Click on the "Done" button to save

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