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I think SUPERAntiSpyware detected something it should not have. What do I do?

All spyware and virus scanners from time to time detect what is called a "false positive". A false positive is when the scanner detects a harmless file as an infected file.

The best way to submit a sample for malware analysis is in two steps:

  1. Visit the VirusTotal website and upload the file for analysis. Copy the analysis results link (URL) into a support ticket and send it to us.
  2. Open SUPERAntiSpyware. From the Home screen select System Tools & Program Settings, then select Submit Malware Samples. Browse to the correct file and add it. The file will be submitted to the SUPERAntiSpyware team. If it's found to be benign, it will be excluded from SUPERAntiSpyware's definitions.

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