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I have a charge for "Antispyware" on my credit card. What is this?

Purchases made on our website will appear as Antispyware or Antispyware 8669666254 on your credit card statement. Refunds or other credits will also have a similar appearance.

If you have any questions about these charges, please contact us and we will assist you immediately.

You can contact us by calling 1-866-966-6254, emailing us at, or by submitting a customer support ticket.

We will be able to help you with any billing inquiries or technical support needs, 24/7.

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Submitting Malware Samples
Download our SUPERSampleSubmit sample submission utility to submit potential malware

Software Vendor Dispute Form
Complete this form if you believe SUPERAntiSpyware is incorrectly detecting your software as malware