What is Adware?

So, what is adware anyway? Well, adware is a type of malware with the primary goal of generating money for the attackers. Adware can be introduced to your system in the same ways as other types of malware, such as through malicious email attachments and content downloaded from disreputable sources. Once on your machine, the adware injects unwanted advertisements into your content. For example, you may be browsing the web, and extra advertisements might load right in the center of the page whenever you visit a new page. Even if the website itself doesn't normally display these advertisements, the adware is able to inject them into the websites you are visiting before the website is displayed to you.


So what is adware in a computer and will it lock you out of your own PC? Generally speaking, Adware does not try to lock you out of the computer or render it unusable. For the attackers to make money, you need to be able to use the computer so that the ads can be injected.

Adware will usually try to make itself look at least somewhat legitimate. In attempts to trick you into thinking that it's a normal part of something you are using.

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