What is SBINST.EXE and is it safe?

Below is a description of SBINST.EXE. This application may not be safe to have on your computer. If this application is running on your computer, it is advised that you scan your computer for both viruses and malware immediately.

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Summary of SBINST.EXE

Adware.HotBar/SpamBlockerUtility (Low Risk).Process

Company Information

SpamBlockerUtility.com Inc. (Hotbar)spamblockerutility.com

Description of SBINST.EXE

Purported anti-spam software and Internet Explorer toolbar that gather information and may launch targeted pop-up and toolbar advertisements. HotBar and associated components may not be specifically harmful to your computer. Adware applications, toolbars and browser extensions may serve advertisements even while you are not surfing the Internet. This application may serve various types of advertising, not limited to pop-up ads.

Threat Level (1-10)






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